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What Makes For Effective Communication?

What makes for effective communication in safety? Here are a few tips: 1. Messages in safety must be consistent and ethical, there is no value in seeking to promote a safety message that contradicts itself. The end never justifies the means. 2. Designers of safety communications should be aware of the psychology of goals and the trajectory of messages. Judging effectiveness by populism ‘in the moment’ is blind and simplistic. 3. People who want to promote safety messages need to be aware of the ‘pitching’, ‘framing’ and ‘priming’ of language. The idea that words don’t matter contradicts the evidence, just ask anyone in advertising and marketing. 4. Safety people need to be longsighted when i

Four Indicators of Toxic Safety Culture

When professionals get concerned about the safety culture in organizations there are a range of dispositions that indicate that things are not good. Recognizing these indicators early is one of the best ways to ensure that problems are addressed. The combination of the following indicators in an organization are a recipe for a toxic safety culture. Cynicism Cynicism is a psychological disposition that distrusts everything or selectively trusts only what it knows. A cynic has a lack of faith or hope in all, but self. Cynicism hides behind undisclosed values as only they can discern what is true or not. Cynicism understands truth as absolute and the cynic has the secret of what criteria is use

As insurance fraudsters get smarter, so do investigators and their methods

Rule-based analytics are allowing insurers to sift through large amounts of data by highlighting claims that require more investigation. Technology permeates every aspect of our lives, from the way we buy our goods to how we monitor our kids and homes, and it is also having a tremendous effect on the insurance industry. The Washington, D.C.-basedCoalition Against Insurance Fraudsays that insurance fraud is an $80 billion-dollar-a-year enterprise, and as fraudsters become more daring, investigators are using a broad range of tools to capture them: Data analytics or rule-based analytics allow companies to look at large amounts of data and ask some common questions to help flag claims that requ

Worker's Compensation: Advanced Tips

After a few years of having workers compensation insurance, companies may open their insurance statement to learn that they have earned a rating called an experience modification factor or ex-mod. Depending on what that experience modifier is, there will either be sighs of relief or moans of frustration. Why? Well, the experience modification rate can really affect a company's workers compensation premiums. It will either reduce or increase the rates. Since many companies already dedicate a huge portion of their expense budget to commercial insurance coverage, the experience modification can be a real relief in tough economic conditions. Depending on the state, companies earn ex-mods once th

WCIRB Annual State of the California Workers’ Compensation Insurance System

Oakland, CA August 2, 2016 - The WCIRB has released its 2016 State of the California Workers’ Compensation Insurance System (Report). The Report highlights the cost of California workers’ compensation insurance based on premiums paid by insured employers, shows how premium dollars are distributed among various system components, and details cost drivers in the system. The Report also contains a brief summary of how post-Senate Bill No. 863 (2012) costs are emerging compared to initial projections. Principal findings of the Report include: Growth in California written premiums has slowed compared to that of prior years as insurer rate increases have moderated, while economic expansion has c

Why we Need to Accept Pain and Suffering

Recognising that depression can be dealt with in a ‘paradoxical way’ may be why we in risk and safety struggle to understand it. A close friend has recently started as a mentor in a program that supports women who have been victims of severe domestic violence, to work their way back into society. Part of the training for this role is the Accidental Counselor program. My friend shared some of the details of the training and the thing that stood out clearly was that the role of the ‘counselor’ is not to fix people. If we do try to fix people she told me, we often unintentionally create more pain and suffering. The role of the counselor is to accept the other person’s pain and suffering, not to


LOS ANGELES – In a victory for employee whistleblowers, the U.S. Department of Labor has secured a decision from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in a case against a trustee and attorney for the Cement Masons Southern California Trust Funds. The court found that trustee and Cement Masons Local 600 business manager Scott Brain and trust counsel Melissa Cook violated sections 510 and 404 of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act when they caused the firing of Cheryle Robbins and Cory Rice. Robbins and Rice, who both served the trust funds, filed an internal complaint regarding wrongdoing by Brain as a trustee and cooperated with a federal criminal investigati

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