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OSHA fines are real. Are you in compliance?

California OSHA issued $101,385 in penalties to SW Forage LLC of Hesperia following a February incident where a worker was caught and killed in a forage compactor. Cal/OSHA inspectors concluded that the company failed to properly label, stop and de-energize machine movements during cleaning and servicing, exposing the worker to fatal injuries. The company also failed to train workers on hazardous energy control procedures and did not provide guardrails on all open sides of elevated work locations. For those who aren't sure, de-energizing machine movements means to remove the potential energy from the machine. An example, if you shut off your forklift with the forks in the raised position, t

7 Perks the Best Employees Crave

If you're serious about retaining your best employees, make sure you're giving them the following: 1. Consistent and meaningful communication. Every healthy relationship begins with good communication. In a series of recent studies, research organization Gallup concluded: Employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost three times as likely to be engaged. Managers who use a combination of face-to-face, phone, and electronic communication are the most successful in engaging employees. Engaged employees report that when attempting to contact their manager, he or she returns their calls or messages within 24 hours. Additionally, Gallup's research found employees value commun

Barriers in the Mind

While walking along a footpath recently I came across the scene as shown in the photo above. In many respects it is just a typical scene and shows a footpath with a commonly-found barrier that allows cyclists and pedestrians through, while blocking access by cars and motorcycles. I became fascinated with what I perceived to be another barrier evident in the scene i.e. a barrier found in the minds of the installers. As I thought about the scene I realised that the barrier evident in the photo is absolutely ineffective. There is a large gap to the side of the barrier that allows the barrier to easily be bypassed by cars, motorcycles and any other type of traffic. I suspect that the designers/i

Where is Safety Leadership Headed?

Earlier this week I met up with a friend who told me of a recent incident at his company. His account of the event was as follows. A person was part of a work party that required the removal of some access doors. A JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) identified the weight of the doors as being a potential hazard because of the potential for injury while being manually lifted in-and-out of position. The JHA recommended that after unbolting the doors, two people were required to lift it from its place. For some unknown reason, one of the people involved tried to lift one of the doors alone and in the process sustained a back injury. This person contemplated the accusations, interrogations, paperwork and

A Guide for Positive Leadership Influence

Interactions with people are the most powerful opportunity that leaders have to make a great impact on others, although if our approach is wrong the impact may not always be positive. Here are a few thoughts and suggestions to ensure that your next visit has a positive influence on the people you meet. Leave pen and papers, clipboards and notes in the office; You are there to interact with people, not paper. It is vital that you are able to look them in the eyes and to give them your full and undivided attention; not share your attention with a clipboard. The same applies to your cell phone and anything else that may distract your attention. Allow plenty of time for your visit. If you don’t

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