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DIR Terminates 400 QME Doctors

Well, well. The Department of Industrial Relations has taken the hard line on their existing QMEs who aren't towing the line. Apparently, the doctors were denied reappointment as QMEs after DIR officials raised allegations that each had violated the state’s medical-legal fee schedule. This represents about 13% of the QMEs in the system. These doctors who have been taken off of the approved list have banded together for a suit against the DIR stating they didn't have the opportunity to challenge. Matter of fact, they allege the DIR hasn't even responded to their requests for reinstatement. By doing so, the claimants stated they were denied due process of law. What do you think? Let us k

CA Legal Lawsuit Ranking

According to the latest Harris Poll from the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform....CA ranks 47th worst in the nation when considering legal environment. This is making CA look more and more like a Hollywood Horror film when considering the legal environment. To make matters worse, "Los Angeles is the single worst lawsuit jurisdiction in America, according to the survey." What does this mean to you? It means you have a very high possibility of being sued, especially as a business owner. So would you probably consider looking into starting your business elsewhere due to this fact? Of course you would. It is so bad, there are foundations here like California's Wacky Labels Contest and

Non Profit Must Sell its Building to Pay Work Comp Loss

In continuing with the Work Comp theme today, here is another story out of small town America Non Profit goodness.....well.... sort of. A Non Profit enterprise called The Roy Eagles are in danger of losing their roost after an employee’s catastrophic kitchen burns resulted in a $642,000 court judgment against the nonprofit charitable group. What is so unusual about this case? Well, the Non Profit had let their Work Comp lapse and there was no coverage to be utilized for the injured employee. What happened? Well, an employee was being trained in the group’s private club and bar on Oct. 24, 2014, when a manager drained 450-degree cooking oil into a plastic bucket on the floor next to Poulson

Work Comp to Pay in Death Claim

I am sure you remember hearing about the Wade County, NC school teacher who was killed in her car. She was rearended by a trash truck and pushed into a a tractor trailer. There was no chance of survival in this so very sad incident. is the rest of the story .......Well, Wade County has deemed the shoolteacher was driving in the course of work and as such, the accident is work related. What does this mean to her family? This means that the death is covered by the Schools Workers Compensation plan. To quote the ruling...."The state Industrial Commission determined that the English teacher’s death was work-related and ordered the school system to pay her family $355,325 in lost

Pay Your Employees Correctly

You've heard it employee is working 50 - 80 hours a week and only getting paid for 40 hours. We all know this isn't right ( notice I didn't say "business owner", who is the last to get paid and it doesn't matter how many hours he/she puts in). Not only is it wrong ethically, it is wrong as determined by the law. More and more cases are showing up in court where employees have been suffering with unscrupulous employers who are taking advantage of them. Working longs hours with no breaks, no lunch, and only paying for 40 hours ( usually at minimum wage) but demanding the employee work extra hours to keep their job. The law is simple, pay for the hours your employees work. It's

Why Workers Compensation?

As we all know, it is the law that if you have even one employee, you are required to have Workers Compensation coverage. Why is this important to have the coverage? Ultimately, it is the transferrance of risk. Either you pay all of the costs of the injured emoployee yourself, such as being self funded, or you transfer the risk to an insurance company and pay premiums. Most companies opt to chose Workers Compensation program through the insurance company of their choosing. By having Workers Compensation, you are providing the ability for the medical needs of any potentially injured employee. Let's make sure, whether the injury was just first aid or something serious, the claim is taken car

Is Safety Worth It?

We hear it all the time.....Safety First! Is that really true? Or is it that employees are to be placed first? Is Zero Harm really something to strive for? There is a whole culture of Safety out there that really focuses on attaining Zero incidents. Although this is admirable and profitable all the way around, is such a philosophy really condusive to improving the culture of a company? Of course, we all want to go home safely every night in the the same healthful condition as we showed up to work. We all get that. What about the companies which are striving so hard to that Zero Harm that it forgets about the 'people' which are the employees. They belittle someone when a 'safety mistake'

Preventing Ladder Injuries: One Step at a Time

Almost every company I have worked with concerning safety, or Workers Compensation losses, has some type of case about "That" worker who either fell off of some sort of ladder. You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to manage yourself carefully when elevated. But sure enough, people tend to forget that last step, or come down wrong on their foot or even have a co-worker quickly pass by and accidentally hit the ladder. Bottome line, unsafe practices on or around a ladder is just asking for a loss.....which costs you money, much less how it hurts that person. According to the CDC & Prevention article: Were you aware that: 1. 43% of falls off a ladder ended in a fatality? 2 81% of fal

Remote Worker Safety

Many businesses have become very aware of the advantages ( and disadvantages ) of Remote Workers. Beyond the responsibilities of performance and reaction time, one of the new issues to arise due is Remote Worker Safety. A very good article was publisehd by Safety Online addressing such concern. The article can be read here ( Keeping Remote Workers Safe ). Is your business using any remote workforce? Have you met the requirements concerning their safety ...and YOURS? Have you audited their location for safety in all matters? In the publication Safety & Health Magazine, you can also check out the article on Lone Workers, which also is impacted by safety responsibilities. Remember, "A key c

Being Sued as a Business Owner

Company now faces 13 discrimination suits. Eight more former employees of Joplin's EaglePicher Technologies have filed lawsuits against the company, all alleging various forms of discrimination as the reason for their July 2016 firings. The suits come after five other former employees filed similar petitions on Aug. 25. Some of the eight new suits were filed on the same day, while some came earlier this week. Among the original five lawsuits filed against the company were accusations of racial and gender discrimination. The preceding batch of lawsuits all mention age discrimination. Seven of the most recent eight lawsuits include allegations of disability discrimination, and two former worke

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