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Death by Phone not being counted!

I was amazed when I read the lates Claims Journal information concerning deadly auto accidents, mobile phones and how the association of these two items isn't being accounted for in our 'accident' databases. Typically, when using the word 'accident', it conjures up in your mind scenarios of wrong place/wrong time. One could take that even further and address the amount of items strewn in the road....especially here in California. What lingers behind the words 'auto accident' is the culpability of and for that accident. It appears as though there are some glitches in how such culpability is being accurately portrayed. Let's speak about cell phone use while driving. Really?! YES!!! But no

Work Comp rate cut approved 2018

ALLRIGHT.....Here we go! The Work Comp rates have been approved for a rate cut of 3% due to lowered medical costs directly linked to the SB863 reforms. What does this mean to you......well probably nothing at all. The rate cut is 'advisoral' and not mandated to insurance companies. Commissioner Dave Jones has asked the insurance carriers to pass the reduction onto their insureds but has not required them to do so......ummm right. I am sure they will do that. Just so you know, a reduction of medical costs is what has driven a 9% per claim reduction in Work Comp claims over the last 3 years. Of course we have all felt the economic burden of Work Comp payments reduce over those last 3 year

Top 10 Safety Artiles of 2016

Well, here we go! Safety & Health Magazine has published the Top 10 Safety Articles of 2016. There is some very good information for you and your business in these. We all know taking Safety seriously through the proper implementation, monitoring and training can reduce your potential losses and break trends in what 'has been' happening. Lowering costs to you as the employer is a 'win/win'. Not only do you pay less in premium, but by lowering the frequency of your losses, you gain in productivity. If you need ANY help and I do mean ANY with controlling your losses, closing out claims, lowering your ExMod, breaking bad trends.....give us a call at 909-481-7223 or email us at Compliance@de

No Work Comp = Prison in Ohio

I certainly wish California would be as aggressive concerning Workers Compensation coverage (and auto insurance too) as Ohio seems to be. An owner of a landscaping business decided he would just not get any insurance for his employees and let his existing coverage lapse, not once, but three separate times. Well, he was caught by their system and was sentenced to one year probation, he reimbursed the $ owed for the lapsed coverage. He is currently in good standing.....Why? Because someone was watching, caught him, and implemented repercussions to his (in)actions. Is there any reason why California cannot do the same? We have inspectors all over the state from more types of industry than ca

WCIRB Class Ratings Wrong Again!

We are all familiar with the WCIRB and their rating system for your Work Comp classifications. We know they are the guiding light for making sure YOUR business is properly classified for the work they perform so your Work Comp premiiums will reflect the correct exposure. We also know that mistakes are made by all. We are not flawless and neither are the governing resources which have dominion over us. This is best reflected in another loss for the WCIRB. You can see the full article HERE. In summary, the WCIRB had made incorrect decisions in classifying another business. It appears also, that when contested by a lawfirm, the WCIRB tried to ...let's say....put more evidence in their favo

Fires and Wineries

We are all very familiar with the fires which were running amok in SoCal as well as Napa and Sonoma Counties in NorCal. Those fires devastated many residential homes as well as businesses. Today we are looking at only one aspect of that fire damage: Wineries. Although I cannot vouch for all wineries, you can bet they probably have insurance. Is fire damage coverage provided under an insurance program, yes it is. But to what extent is damage to the grapes covered concerning certain key issues like: 1. Smoke damaged grapes - microscopic smoke particles taints the taste and unfit for wine 2. What would be considered recoverable stock - how will recoverable be defined 3. How will those lo

Liability vs. Professional Liability

Ok, if you own a business you probably have General Liability coverage. This will protect you and your business in many ways. A typical definition of General Liability is: "A standard insurance policy issued to business organizations to protect them against liability claims for bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; and advertising and personal injury (PI)liability." There is a big difference between General Liability and Professional Liability is this: "Professional liability insurance (PLI), also called professional indemnity insurance (PII) but more commonly known as errors & omissions (E&O) in the US, is a fo

2018 Immigrant Worker Law

There are new laws going into effect starting Jan. 1, 2018 and they might impact you. The Immigration Worker Protection Act will be enforceable on the first new day of the year. Here are some of the items of which you must be aware: Effective January 1, 2018, California’s Immigrant Worker Protection Act (AB 450) 1. Prohibits California employers from providing federal immigration authorities (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE) with access to non‑public areas of a worksite without a judicial warrant. 2. The Act also requires employers to provide notice of Form I‑9 and other records inspections to current employees and any collective bargaining representatives within 72 hours. 3. F

CA Company Fined by OSHA

Fall protection is super important to Califorina ( as well as other states.) and to the safety and well being of your employees. It is the safety arena in which the most fines are issued and OSHA takes it very seriously. "California OSHA issued two serious citations and $80,000 in penalties to HBuilt Inc. in Oakland for exposing workers to fall hazards. Inspectors determined that the company failed to provide handrails, scaffolding, guardrails, and personal fall protection systems." You can view the citations HERE. Looking at the subject from another perspective....The US National Library of Medicine has generated some stats on Falls as they pertain to Race as well. These stats generated s

OSHA Releases Top 10 List for 2017

OSHA has released their top 10 most cited infractions of 2017, of which the fiscal year ended in September. Amazingly, the list is very similar to the 2016 with a few changes. The preliminary list of top workplace violations: Fall Protection — General Requirements; 6,072 violations Hazard Communication: 4,176 Scaffolding: 3,288 Respiratory Protection: 3,097 Lockout/Tagout: 2,877 Ladders: 2,241 Powered Industrial Trucks: 2,162 Machine Guarding: 1,933 Fall Protection – Training Requirements: 1,523 Electrical — Wiring Methods: 1,405 The newcomer to the 2017 list is Fall Protection — Training Requirements. The top five violations are identical to the 2016 list. If you need help or have question

We Could Use a Little of This!

Ok, I get it...the featured article today isn't the most savory of issues to discuss. BUT....the point of focus is about the PROCESS presented in the article. If you didn't know it, California is the most liberal state in the union AND the has the most litigation of any state as well. Does that mean we should tighten up the laws? How about Due Dilligence for those in power? How about oversight and who is responsible? Let's take Workers Compensation for an example. How many fraudulent claims have you encountered or heard about from your associates? Fraud is rampant in California because it is allowed to happen. There seems to be no one holding anyone accountable and who wins......well,

Here We Go Again with Corrupt Doctors

Yep! You have heard it before and here we are again. Corrupt Doctors working the system to pad their own pocket. It may take some time, but at least someone is monitoring them and catching some of the bad guys. You know.......paying kickbacks to providers to use their topical compound product....pushing a product which costs from $15 - $40 a tube and selling the services for $700. Using repacked drugs. Ordering unnecessary processes to raise the bill and push a product. California lost over $40 Million on this scheme. One fine doctor billed twice for the same hot/cold machine...billing payers for cold as a cooling unit and then billing for hot as a heating unit. The machines sold for

Right or Wrong?

Here is one that wreaks of early 1950's down south, good ole boy, like a movie plot. A drug court in Tulsa Oklahoma has been found out to be keeping their drug rehab participants Workers Compensation payouts.....and nothing is happening to them!? A person had been sent to 'work off' his drug rehabilitation at a chicken processing plant in Arkansas, working without pay when he broke his ankle. When the worker couldn't work because of that broken ankle, he was kicked out of the rehab program and Work Comp was filed. Not one dime of the $7,100 payout went to the injured worker. No pay for work performed? No benefits when injured? We all know the law states the benefits go to the injured work

Potential Laws on Gov. Brown's Desk

CA Employment Law Update Although you might not know it, ( and most don't), there are 7+ California employment law bills on the desk of Governor Brown as we speak. If ratified, these laws will impact how you qualifiy/disqualify people in working with your business. More limits, more constraints, more PC'ing, more sensitivity.......more headaches for you, the business owner. The California "Ban‑the‑Box" law (AB 1008) has been enrolled and presented to Governor Brown for signature. The bill prohibits employers with 5 or more employees from including on any application for employment any question that seeks the disclosure of an applicant’s conviction history or inquiring into or considering t

The Employer Side of the Story

We all know part of the story now....What happened in Vegas. All of the details of how, why and more will come out. They will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime....we need to address the business side and ramifications of the people who were hurt while performing their job duties. There were employees working that day at the concert. Soundmen, security, stage crew, setup crew, food & beverage, and more were all there for business. What about Workers Compensation with what happened? "Nevada law says you only have one week to let your employer know if you were injured, either physically or emotionally. Worker's compensation attorney Jason Mills said lawmakers wanted to make sure peop

Business Owners and Cannabis!

Ok, here we go with this one! It seems everyone has their own opinion about cannabis and that's fine. But what about how it impacts the workplace? "Wait a minute ...I have a Medical Marijuana card." "Oh, my doctor prescribed marijuana for me and I have a copy of the prescription." "You can't fire me for using's legal now." Are these statements true? Do you, as the business owner, have any recourse against incapacitated workers who are high at work, posing an eminent danger to themselves and their fellow employees? Of course you do....but you still must be very careful here in the big CA. Remember, CA is THE MOST liberal ( and suit happy ) state in the Union. Lawyers love

Business owner going to jail for Work Comp fraud....

In the insurance business, we have all lost potential clients to that 'other guy' who wasn't exactly honest about how he presented the potential client to underwriting. I have had policies denied by the same company which wrote it for the other agent who wasn't quite straigh forward....THAT is upsetting. When I pointed it out that they denied writing the exposure for me but accepted the same client from another agent, the underwriting company stated "that was on the other agent." I heartedly disagreed with them....but that is another story. Today's story is the other side of that scenario i spoke about.....What happens to the same business which was written under false pretenses for "that

Selecting the Right Drivers

For all you businesses which utilize drivers, the following information can help you reduce costs due to vehicle accidents. Of course and typically, vehicle accidents at work leads to claims with Workers Compensation as well. So now you have mounting costs, whether it was YOUR drivers fault or not. What about the job the hurt employee was doing? Is he/she easily replaceable? Can you train someone to do what that injured employee was doing? Can you replace the injured employee. Now you are getting into a third level of costs. It never seems to end. But there are pro-active steps you can take and your company can take which will make a huge difference........and you know it starts with

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