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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Insurance

Yes, technology is great when used in the right way. Sure we all are well aware of Big Brother and our every move being 'watched' as an invasion of our privacy. But that is another article of discussion. We are looking at how those same drones are being used as another set of eyes in the Safety role. Drones are great for 'seeing' another perspective. Being able to look at the same situation, (i.e. construction site) from a different view. This gives another dimension to safety from what we have historically been used to. Drones can be used as a great tool to help provide another viewpoint for everyone's safety. Compliance & Safety First will be using them as well as one of their What is

Work Comp Fraud in Ohio...I am jealous!

Here we go again. You know how I feel about the (ahem) job California does with Work Comp fraud. It is simply amazing to me how our state can let the simplest of fraud detection areas go without enforcing it. Remember that last article? CDI states it only has the resources to pursue about 5% of fraud cases.....leaving 95% on the table....and those are only the claims being "turned in" as fraud...what about the ones which people or companies don't say anything? Well...thank God for Ohio and its process. Fox 8 News provides a video and article of a gent who was trying to defraud the system and got caught on video. What did the City of Clevelend give him? 5 years in prison. Do you think

Forklift Reality....

One of the realities you must face is ...Everyone who drives a forklift must be Authorized and Certified. There is a specific process required for each driver to become authorized and certified. What does that mean? Well, your supervisor might authorize you to use the forklift because you have prior training. That doesn't certify that you CAN use the forklift. As a driver, you MUST be certified by an authorized person that you have been properly trained on the proper use of the piece of equipment. So, like many other businesses, your company ignores the requirements as it seems stupid and it will take time from productivity to train all of the drivers. Well, here is part of what can hap

Sexual Harassment and Work Comp Claim?

So everyone is aware of the huge influx of sexual harassment charges being dropped across all spectrums of business. A question which has arisen is..."Can I file a Work Comp Claim" with this type of issue? Well, it depends. The state in which you live and usually two elements which are important to a claim being 'qualified' for Work Comp. 1. Arising out of 2. In the course of What this literally means in easy language, did the instance happen at work during the usuall course of your business duties. Yes, this includes those holiday parties of which are voluntary, but you feell 'compelled' to go as the unsaid point is....are you at risk for beling labelled "Not a Team Player" and possibly

I Told You So! Work Comp Fraud Failure!

How many times have I brought up the subject of California needing to provided better services for discovering/proving/following up FRAUD in our Workers Compensation system? 2 times? 300 times? Well I can claim anything I want because the chances one will follow it up to fact check me. The newest report provides information which unveils that 40% of the time someone is even bringing FRAUD to the table, our wonderful system isn't even pursuing it doesn't have the resources to follow it up and help save us all some Gs. But let's take that a step further.....the article states the CDI has the resources to follow up on only 5% of the FRAUD claims turned in!!!! WHAT??!!! Why

Baby's Brain and the Benefit of Reading

I wanted to take a slightly different safety track today. Compliance & Safety First not only wants to protect everyone through proper Safety procedures and processes, but we also want to provide the latest research in protecting one's future....especially for our children. For everyone who has new born children, the following article is very informative. It could help make the difference in your child's mental growth for the future so why not maximize your efforts in supporting them. The article is very clear about the research of reading to your children, but it also points out WHAT and How to read to them. Yes that seems to make a difference...check it out. You can read the full article

Blood Borne Pathogens and Temporary Workers

Many companies have gone the route of cutting costs through the use of leased or temporary workers. The use of temporary or leased workers provides many ways in which an employer can cut costs, such as not having to provide benefits, improved flexibility, etc. One area in which a business owner CANNOT ease up on with leased or temporary workers is the protection from occupational hazards. OSHA has creasted and enforeced policies that all workers receive the same protection from occupational hazards. This includes exposure to items like you see in the picture cans, needles, dirty environment, recycled bottles, etc. Recycling companies typically encounter the occupational haza

Rising Warehouse Injuries

With the rise of ecommerce, warehouses are pumping out the inventory at record rates. Speed is great for inventory turnaround and profits....but not necesarrily for employee safety. Thiings happen as we are all flawed. We tend to not be as cautious when we are trying to meet deadlines, or a problem arises to distract your full attention....there are so many things which arise to take your attention away from being safe. Injuries and deaths have risen in the warehouse industry due to the rise in ecommerce as well as other factors. Take the time to review your safety standards, communicate those standards, monitor the results and help save a life. Read the full article HERE.

Why Don't Workers Speak Up When They See Something Unsafe?

We have all witnessed something we saw which was unsafe at work. Did you say anthing to Management or did you just let it go. Chances are, you let it go as only 39% of people speak up. Why is that? Most people do take safety seriously and most all SAY they would say something....but when it happens....they don't. Why? Many subjects flash past ones mind in that split second of deciding to speak up or not. Some of those subjects are: Do you have the authority. Will you get in trouble. You don't want to be perceived wrong. Your 'immediate context' is wrong. Personal or unit bias. Production pressure...and it goes from there. How can YOU help when the real issue is at hand? 1. You can be awa

Scam the Scammers

Everyone knows about certain scams that have come your way in the past. Some may have caught you, some you may have avoided. Today, we are going to help you avoid one of the newest scams. This one involves the ever so scary blue screen of death. You know, that screen that comes up when your computer has just told you it died? Well, there is a new scam going around which presents the blue screen of death and states you can cure it with some new cleaningware programs.....of course it costs you $25. Well, read the attached article to know exactly how you can scam the scammers. Basicially, it will show you how you can 'scam' their program into thinking you paid the $25.....fair enough eh? Re

Firefighters suing Employer

...and here it goes! An employer of an underground utility company had failed to inform the local firefighters of noxious fumes inside a manhole where an alleged drowning rescue was being attempted. As it turns out, the emergency call for a possible drowning blew up into two workers floating face-down in a couple of feet of water and a third lying unresponsive on the side of the manhole. The firefighter on scene, jumped in attempting the rescue turned the two drowning victims over and saw their gray faces which is an sign of recent death. Another victim was leaning unconscious against the wall of the manhole. The two victims both died within minutes of entering the manhole by a deadly comb

Getting Past Zero Loss

Today, we are focusing in on the idea of Zero Loss or Zero injuries as a concept. As a Risk Manager, believe me, I understand the idea and impact of losses to a company. First off, it costs the company tons of money when one of their employees are hurt. Without getting too much into the blah blah of it all, let's just say there are the actual $ of costs and the impact of those $ lost. Think of it as paying the medical bills and also paying for down time, someone to be trained to do the job of the person who is out on injury leave, etc. So putting it into a business perspective, a typical loss of $17K to a business with a 20% profit margin means, that business must sell an additional $180,

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