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Work Comp Fraud Top 10 Warning Signs

The Top 10 Warning Signs All of us have encountered those questionable claims arising in the workforce. Those claims which seem to be too coincidental, too timely after a employee write up, too close to when a time off request was denied.....and more. Here are some warning signs which the Dept. of Industrial Relations have gathered over the years which support a possibility of a false claim..... Monday Morning Reports: The alleged injury occurs first thing on Monday morning, or the injury occurs late on Friday afternoon but is not reported until Monday. Suspicious Providers: An employee’s medical providers or legal consultants have a history of handling suspicious claims, or the same docto

We offer what others don't.........investing in you!

You have heard the same story over and over......Everyone company says they have the best insurance price and the best you well know....they ALL can't have both or most times...neither! Well at Delaney Insurance and Compliance & Safety First....we do things a bit differently. What makes Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. and Compliance & Safety First any different? 1. Delaney Insurance offers the most wide variety of insurance in the marketplace for almost any type of business. 2. Delaney Insurance service is unmatched in the industry. 3. Delaney Insurance can negotiate with our carriers on pricing for YOUR business. 4. Compliance & Safety First is an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trai

We offer CPR/AED/First Aid Training

We are proud to announce that Compliance & Safety First, the safety division of Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. ihas it's own "in house" Certified/Authorized American Heart Assoication CPR/AED/First Aid Training Program. We are here to help your business comply with OSHA requirements and to help save a life where you work, at home or anywhere you go. Compliance & Safety First can come to your facility and at your most convenient time to make it easier on your business schedule. We can also hold the training at our facility in Rancho Cucamonga or at the AHA Training Center near you. We can make this as easy as possible for you. Let us know your safety needs and WE WILL HELP! Contact us at: T

Are there Answers?

Accident investigations all lead to some form of an answer when it comes to someone dieing on the job, right. AN answer is required and is considered as the root cause but in reality, how can the root cause be verified. How would one know when the person most impacted is no longer around? There is a very interesting case which was posted by Dr. Rob Long of Human Dymensions which provides some very interesting and salient input on this 'process.' ( Bottomline, we have a process of which we believe provides the proper answers to an accident investigation. But, in that process, how in depth is that investigation, really? The court

Lock Out/Tag Out for Vehicles

Driver death shows why LOTO for vehicles is required Lack of proper training, lockout/tagout procedures major root causes of incident Posted June 1, 2018 You all know how I endorse the Commercial Auto/Vehicle Safety portion of our lives. People really take little heed of the tremendous responsibility of driving. Just look at how people are texting and driving ...they know it is wrong....and they still do it. A few seconds of distraction can equal a death. In a tragic sequence of events, a truck driver was killed while trying to manually release frozen brakes. While several factors contributed to the incident, investigators say lack of proper training and lockout/tagout procedures were maj

5 Most Deadly Days to Drive!

Nope, it's not the days you think. Matter of fact, it is rather surprising which days are the mostly deadly to drive. Take a look at the great article from Insurance Journal and be amazed...I was.

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