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Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. is an avid believer in giving back to the community and helping those looking for a career path in Insurance.  As a member of the InVest Program and InsureMyPath, DIAI, also participates in many local Business, College and High School seminars about the Insurance Industry, coverages and Business Compliance with State and Federal laws which affect them.  Let us help you with any questions you might have about a new career in Insurance.

Careers In Insurance

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Insurance Types

Truly, selling or servicing a policy is not just insurance.  Here at DIAI, we sell relationships and that helping hand when an insured peril occurs or a guiding hand in helping prevent future losses.


Our Compliance Program is part of our comittment to our clients for having the proper insurance in place when they most need it, when a loss occurs.  

Insurance Office Help

Becoming an Insurance Representative, Insurance Producer, Insurance Agent, Insurance Adjustor all require some study, passing a State monitored exam and State Registration.

Each individual at DIAI has gone through this process and can help you with questions you might have to complete the process.  Once you have passed your exam with the State, DIAI can help you get appointed to sell your first insurance policy.

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Insurance Agent

DIAI offers many positions within its company structure.  Call Center Manager, Call Center CSR, CSR Rep, CSR assistant, Certificate Issuance, Compliance Division Assistant, Produer, are just some of the lucrative positions available.


DIAI is constantly looking for new, eager and excited individuals who are wanting a chance to contribute to others as well as provide a very lucrative career which could last a lifetime.




DIAI can help you attain your Insurance License.  We provide classroom lessons, study aids and guidance.  Our lessons range from very broad to item specific issues which are encountered in the 'real' insurance world.

Once you have your Insurance License, these classes will continue to help you in furthering your insurance knowledge.

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