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Safety Packages and Programs in

Rancho Cucamonga

Safety Packages
If you are one of Delaney Insurance clients, we invest in YOU!
   1.  We structure Your Program at little or no cost to you.
Safety Training at your location
Safety Training at our Office

Training at your location

We can train your employees at your location.  Our Trainers are flexible and can adapt training to meet the learning level of your staff.

Training at our location

We can train your employees at our location.  Come in, sit down and attain the training/certification you need in a personal environment.
Written Safety Programs

Consulting & Assessments

Safety Consulting and Assessments
Our professionaly certified team  has helped organizations in every industry deal in compliance with CAL-OSHA, OSHA, DOT,  to implementing effective systems for managing health and safety towards reducing injuries or Workers Compensation rates. 

OSHA Pre-Inspections

Our in house OSHA Certified Trainer can help your business with compliance issues to help make sure you will not incur penalties and fines.  Our OSHA
Pre-inspections can assess your current compliance issues and point out where you would fall short if an OSHA inspection were to take place.  Now that fines and penalty costs have increased, it is healthy to stay ahead of any possible issues.  We Will Help!
Tel: 909-481-7222
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