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Take Control of your Workers' Compensation Costs and the Risk Management process.

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Delaney Insurance partners with a multitude of professionals available for all types of safety related services. These professionals include certified safety professionals that are bi-lingual, ergonomists, and certified industrial hygienists. 

Delaney Insurance can provide Claims Oversight which monitors the workers' compensation claims management by the insurance carrier for accuracy and aggressiveness in moving the claims to closure. Reserves are constantly reviewed and our internal staff keeps accurate records of any increases or decreases. RiskSolutions aggressively negotiates the reserves for the employer.

The broker receives an initial claims assessment report by employer at the end of the first month. Thereafter, the broker receives 90 day update reports. On new claims within any given month, the broker receives a 30 day status report outlining the Plan of Action for that new claim. At the end of each month the broker receives a statistical analysis report of the activity done during that month.

You are not a cookie-cutter business, and neither are we. We recognize that every client is different, with a unique set of requirements. With more than 62 years of experience in workers' compensation, our division, Compliance and Safety First enables us to design a flexible solution that accommodates your special needs.

We take an employer-centric approach to workers' compensation with cost containment services that protect the workforce with timely, cost effective, and appropriate medical care. This provides all stakeholders - employers, TPAs or insurance carriers - with the ability to improve the return-to-work cycle.

At the center of our services is the latest technology that allows the nurse, claims adjuster and employer access to real time information to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

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OSHA Outreach Trainer

Our V.P. of Risk Management and Compliance is an OSHA Certified General Industry & Construction Industry Outreach Trainer.  This means our Compliance and Safety First division can help save money through partnering with you in becoming Compliant with the current OSHA standards to avoid costly fines.  We can help guide you with building or improving your Safety Program to help lower your workplace injuries, save expenses, and improves profits.  We can also provide the Safety Training Programs & certifications you need for your business. 

OSHA Certified General Industry
& Construction Outreach Trainer

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