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Remote Worker Safety

Remote worker safety

Many businesses have become very aware of the advantages ( and disadvantages ) of Remote Workers. Beyond the responsibilities of performance and reaction time, one of the new issues to arise due is Remote Worker Safety.

A very good article was publisehd by Safety Online addressing such concern. The article can be read here ( Keeping Remote Workers Safe ).

Is your business using any remote workforce? Have you met the requirements concerning their safety ...and YOURS? Have you audited their location for safety in all matters?

In the publication Safety & Health Magazine, you can also check out the article on Lone Workers, which also is impacted by safety responsibilities. Remember, "A key component of worker safety is to watch out for one another. However, lonework presents a fundamental challenge to watchfulness. ... By law, employers have a responsibility to protect their workers regardless of whether they're surrounded by colleagues or alone on an assignment.Jul 25, 2015."

Be aware of YOUR responsibilities for Remote or Lone Workers. Don't get caught in a reactive state to something you could have avoided. If you need additional help, feel free to contact me at will help!

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