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Is Safety Worth It?

We hear it all the time.....Safety First! Is that really true? Or is it that employees are to be placed first? Is Zero Harm really something to strive for?

There is a whole culture of Safety out there that really focuses on attaining Zero incidents. Although this is admirable and profitable all the way around, is such a philosophy really condusive to improving the culture of a company?

Of course, we all want to go home safely every night in the the same healthful condition as we showed up to work. We all get that.

What about the companies which are striving so hard to that Zero Harm that it forgets about the 'people' which are the employees. They belittle someone when a 'safety mistake' is made. They write them up as a punishment and as a 'you better not do this again'. Isn't the idea behind all of this is to better inform the employee as to making the right choices? Wouldnt' that come from better training and guidance and not making them a safety martyr?

These are all very salient issues to a company and especially its employees. We would love to hear from you as to your thoughts on it.

In regards to , take a look at the article in which a worker was unfortunately killed. Although we don't have the details, it states she was 'pulled' into the machine which killed her. We all know the rules about wearing appropriate clothes and the rules about machine guarding. I wonder how this really happened? Hopefully more details will be revealed during the lawsuit which has been filed.

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