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Work Comp to Pay in Death Claim

I am sure you remember hearing about the Wade County, NC school teacher who was killed in her car. She was rearended by a trash truck and pushed into a a tractor trailer.

There was no chance of survival in this so very sad incident. is the rest of the story .......Well, Wade County has deemed the shoolteacher was driving in the course of work and as such, the accident is work related.

What does this mean to her family? This means that the death is covered by the Schools Workers Compensation plan. To quote the ruling...."The state Industrial Commission determined that the English teacher’s death was work-related and ordered the school system to pay her family $355,325 in lost future wages.“What the Industrial Commission resolution does is replace two-thirds of her wages,” said Bruce Berger, the attorney representing the Barlow family. “You’re talking purely an economic recovery, which financially helps but doesn’t replace all the intangible stuff that a mom and a wife provides.”"

Additionally, right or wrong, as the article stated...."The family has filed a lawsuit against the dump truck driver who rear-ended Barlow, against the owner of the dump truck and the driver’s employer."

What does this implication mean to you? It means the acts of your employees can rain down on your company and you as the owner as easily as if you committed the act. This alone supports the fact of hiring the people YOU trust to represent the company in ALL facets of work. One slip up, can cause irreparable harm.

Proper hiring procedures, proper safety training, proper monitoring of speed and Motor Vehicle Report infractions could save your business should even a simple incident occur which brings about a lawsuit. Just mentioning the word lawsuit takes you into the busy and frustrating world of legal processs which won't cost less than two yeas of your time and money. Protect all you have worked for. Be pro-active in your efforts and you will come out ahead.

Feel free to read the whole article here: Wade County to Pay More than $350,000

What is your input? What do you think? Do you have questions about this. Feel free to contact us anytime.....We Will Help! 909-481-7223 or email us at

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