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Business owner going to jail for Work Comp fraud....

In the insurance business, we have all lost potential clients to that 'other guy' who wasn't exactly honest about how he presented the potential client to underwriting. I have had policies denied by the same company which wrote it for the other agent who wasn't quite straigh forward....THAT is upsetting. When I pointed it out that they denied writing the exposure for me but accepted the same client from another agent, the underwriting company stated "that was on the other agent." I heartedly disagreed with them....but that is another story.

Today's story is the other side of that scenario i spoke about.....What happens to the same business which was written under false pretenses for "that other agent" and wasn't written for me under honest presentation.

A certain company had misrepresented how their employees were classified and got caught. Oh, you know the agent was complicit...they got theirs too. Take a look at the whole story and let me know your 'unfair' story.

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