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The Employer Side of the Story

We all know part of the story now....What happened in Vegas. All of the details of how, why and more will come out. They will get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime....we need to address the business side and ramifications of the people who were hurt while performing their job duties.

There were employees working that day at the concert. Soundmen, security, stage crew, setup crew, food & beverage, and more were all there for business.

What about Workers Compensation with what happened? "Nevada law says you only have one week to let your employer know if you were injured, either physically or emotionally. Worker's compensation attorney Jason Mills said lawmakers wanted to make sure people who suffered sudden extreme trauma at work could file claims if they are unable to work or need extensive medical or psychiatric care."....states The Public News Service. Nevada law also changes the code to include 'stress claims'

Filing a notice of claim doesn't necessarily mean you have a claim or will file an actual claim, it just means you don't loose your rights in possibly making a claim....should you have problems other than being physically hurt. If you don't file within the first 7 days of an incident like this, you 'could' lose your rights in filing a claim. Since Nevada law also lets you file a Work Comp claim for up to 90 days it is prudent for those to whom "suffered sudden extreme trauma at work" due to the incident, to file before this Sunday.

You can read the whole article here: Sunday Deadline for Vegas Employees

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