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Right or Wrong?

Here is one that wreaks of early 1950's down south, good ole boy, like a movie plot.

A drug court in Tulsa Oklahoma has been found out to be keeping their drug rehab participants Workers Compensation payouts.....and nothing is happening to them!?

A person had been sent to 'work off' his drug rehabilitation at a chicken processing plant in Arkansas, working without pay when he broke his ankle. When the worker couldn't work because of that broken ankle, he was kicked out of the rehab program and Work Comp was filed. Not one dime of the $7,100 payout went to the injured worker.

No pay for work performed? No benefits when injured? We all know the law states the benefits go to the injured workers.....but apparently it's standard practice for this particular firm to keep the payouts.

How is this being allowed to happen? It's standard practice at this they stated. Well, the law states such action would constitute insurance fraud. No problems....let's keep doing it stating the people in the rehab program are clients and not employees and they all have waived their rights to compensation for injuries. Really!

Take a look at the article and let us know your thoughts on 'right or wrong.'

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