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Here We Go Again with Corrupt Doctors

Yep! You have heard it before and here we are again. Corrupt Doctors working the system to pad their own pocket. It may take some time, but at least someone is monitoring them and catching some of the bad guys.

You know.......paying kickbacks to providers to use their topical compound product....pushing a product which costs from $15 - $40 a tube and selling the services for $700. Using repacked drugs. Ordering unnecessary processes to raise the bill and push a product. California lost over $40 Million on this scheme.

One fine doctor billed twice for the same hot/cold machine...billing payers for cold as a cooling unit and then billing for hot as a heating unit. The machines sold for $500, but they billed as much as $18,000 per injured worker. Really?!!! That scheme alone was worth $70 Million to California.

You can link to the article here to see if you are using a Doctor or Company who has been suspended: Three Dozen Suspended.

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