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We Could Use a Little of This!

Ok, I get it...the featured article today isn't the most savory of issues to discuss. BUT....the point of focus is about the PROCESS presented in the article.

If you didn't know it, California is the most liberal state in the union AND the has the most litigation of any state as well. Does that mean we should tighten up the laws? How about Due Dilligence for those in power? How about oversight and who is responsible?

Let's take Workers Compensation for an example. How many fraudulent claims have you encountered or heard about from your associates? Fraud is rampant in California because it is allowed to happen. There seems to be no one holding anyone accountable and who wins......well, it isn't you or's the perpetrator themselves. Winning millions from the masses because they can.

Then we have this particular case in Texas. I can't say it's right or wrong but I certainly do respect the process and due dilligence the City showing in providing Work Comp benefits. If California would do the same, I can't fathom the difference in the reduction of fraud and $ out of our pockets. Take a look at the article and take a look at the process of verification which is going on.

Let me know your thoughts.....

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