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CA Company Fined by OSHA

Fall protection is super important to Califorina ( as well as other states.) and to the safety and well being of your employees. It is the safety arena in which the most fines are issued and OSHA takes it very seriously.

"California OSHA issued two serious citations and $80,000 in penalties to HBuilt Inc. in Oakland for exposing workers to fall hazards. Inspectors determined that the company failed to provide handrails, scaffolding, guardrails, and personal fall protection systems."

You can view the citations HERE.

Looking at the subject from another perspective....The US National Library of Medicine has generated some stats on Falls as they pertain to Race as well. These stats generated some very interesting results.

"RESULTS:Rates per 100 000 for same level hospitalized fall injuries for whites (161) are distinctively higher than for blacks (64), Hispanics (43), and Asian/Pacific Islanders (35). Whites are more likely to have a fracture diagnosis and to be discharged to long term care rather than home, suggesting a poorer outcome or greater severity. Same level falls absorb a large proportion of hospital resources directed to the treatment of injuries.CONCLUSIONS:In a four way comparison among race/ethnic groups, whites are distinguished by their high incidence, rates of fracture, and unfavorable discharge status. Prevention, particularly aimed at whites, has potential to improve health and save treatment resources."

See the full article HERE.

Is your company fully compliant with OSHA regulations concerning slips, trips and falls? If you have any questions or any needs at all, just contact us at 909-481-7223 or email us at and We Will Help!

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