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WCIRB Class Ratings Wrong Again!

We are all familiar with the WCIRB and their rating system for your Work Comp classifications. We know they are the guiding light for making sure YOUR business is properly classified for the work they perform so your Work Comp premiiums will reflect the correct exposure.

We also know that mistakes are made by all. We are not flawless and neither are the governing resources which have dominion over us. This is best reflected in another loss for the WCIRB.

You can see the full article HERE.

In summary, the WCIRB had made incorrect decisions in classifying another business. It appears also, that when contested by a lawfirm, the WCIRB tried to ...let's say....put more evidence in their favor. This was not tolerated nor accepted and the WCIRB was deemed inaccurate in their classifications for the business in this case.

Have you taken a look at your classifications to make sure you are in the best category which most closely reflects your business? Talk with you Agent/Broker....they can help. If they won't/can't us....We Will Help!

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