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No Work Comp = Prison in Ohio

I certainly wish California would be as aggressive concerning Workers Compensation coverage (and auto insurance too) as Ohio seems to be.

An owner of a landscaping business decided he would just not get any insurance for his employees and let his existing coverage lapse, not once, but three separate times.

Well, he was caught by their system and was sentenced to one year probation, he reimbursed the $ owed for the lapsed coverage. He is currently in good standing.....Why? Because someone was watching, caught him, and implemented repercussions to his (in)actions.

Is there any reason why California cannot do the same? We have inspectors all over the state from more types of industry than can be named issuing citations for infractions, not being up to code, etc.

Why can't we have a 'force' to make sure the insurance requirements are implemented? If all were to pay accordingly, doesn't it make sense the cost for the coverage would decrease?

What is your opinion and/or input?

You can read the article HERE.

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