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Technology and vehicle Terrorist Attacks!

We have all become painstakingly aware how terrorists have been trained to use vehicles as weapons in their attacks upon society. It is not a question of if that was their intent, we actually have the manuals for which the training is provided.

Believe it or not, these tactics and how WAR would be waged against us was addressed years ago during the Vietnam War by a pilot....who called it Generation 4 Warfare. The new war isn't about taking land, occupying territory and holding on to it. It is about trying to have our infrastructure fail. It is about attacking our financial system, our electronics system, upsetting our citywide infrastructure and making it so YOU don't want to go outside of your house.....

What can be done about it? Are we really unable to address and answer the plight? Well, you already know we are combating the electronics infrastructure end of this with many companies protecting our most valuable systems through electronic counter methods such as hacking, virus intrusion, etc.

Read the article and give me your opinion whether this type of technology is good or bad.

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