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Can We Get This in CA?

We are all familiar with the process and procedure of filing a claim. As a CA business, you are held responsible for reporting injuries within a certain amount of time depending upon the severity.

What happens next is the Work Comp process of providing the necessary services to make that person whole again.

We all get that....we understand how it is supposed to work and agree injured employees must be responsibly handled. What about those people who abuse the system and seem to want to 'make' the system work for them? Yes, you know what I mean. Those people who claim they were hurt at work when they were actually hurt away from the job. Those people who do so are trying to "make" the system work for them. More times than not, it does "work" for them. Why? The Work Comp 'people' are there providing the services as required by law, but it seems they aren't really concerned with the actual validity of the claim.

This is why I am especially interested in courts who rule in favor of the business. Someone, somewhere put in the time and effort to ask the real questions of the 'validity' of the claim.....questioning whether what happened really happened....instead of just making it a process and paying off the claimant the expense of the business owner.

Granted....sometimes those people do get caught...but not nearly enough here in CA....which is employee centric.

Take a look at this article and revel in the realization that not all get away with it. Let me know your thoughts and/or experiences in this type of situation. What was your most flagrant false claim?

Read the full article HERE.

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