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Incivility at your Business?

Sure, we all get pushed to the limit. Yes, we all put up with more than we should. No, the customer isn't always right. Having a bad day it seems.

Well, all of this is relatively normal for any business owner who deals with the public. But the sad thing is, incivility has been growing over the last couple of years. Here is a simple used to be discipline would be utilized when someone would bully, some companies even respond to just the threat of bullying. Michigan State University research states incivility is impacting up to $14,000 of work time and production for each employee.

Such incivility can result in further lost time in the form of lawsuits and or an increase in violent reations themselve. How can this be prevented? Training. What does it look like? Who is responsible?

Take a look at the article Incivility's Growing Risk and think it over. Let us know what you think or have encountered at

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