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Legal Marijuana Card Holders Can't Buy Guns....Court Ruling

Right or wrong....the 9th District Court has just upheld a ruling that Legal Marijuana Card Holders cannot buy a gun. You think this is a prank?

Look at the full article HERE.

As Michal Addady reported in Fortune Magazine ...."The court ruled 3-0 on Wednesday that a ban preventing medical marijuana card holders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment, the Associated Press reports. There are nine western states under the appeals court’s jurisdiction, including Nevada, where the case originated."

Remember...each state has passed their own laws about making medical marijuana legal.....but the Federal Government still holds to their standards of marijuana bein illegal. This means there is going to be more cases arising which pit the states against the Federal Government standards.

The Federal Courts take the stance that drug use “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated.” What is your input?

Give us your input on this at

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