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Getting Past Zero Loss

Today, we are focusing in on the idea of Zero Loss or Zero injuries as a concept.

As a Risk Manager, believe me, I understand the idea and impact of losses to a company. First off, it costs the company tons of money when one of their employees are hurt.

Without getting too much into the blah blah of it all, let's just say there are the actual $ of costs and the impact of those $ lost.

Think of it as paying the medical bills and also paying for down time, someone to be trained to do the job of the person who is out on injury leave, etc. So putting it into a business perspective, a typical loss of $17K to a business with a 20% profit margin means, that business must sell an additional $180,955K to make up for the hard costs ($17K) and soft costs ($18,957) of that loss.

So the idea of "Zero Losses" is really good and profitable for business. It is also good for the one wants to be injured.

What is the issue is the 'idea' of trying to attain Zero Injuries, the nonsense which is being thrown about and how the whole concept is not received well by most employees.

I really advocate the research done by Dr. Rob Long, Expert in Social Psychology, Principal & Trainer at Human Dimensions. Here is his latest article discussing the "Zero Injury" ploy.

Read full article HERE.

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