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Why Don't Workers Speak Up When They See Something Unsafe?

We have all witnessed something we saw which was unsafe at work. Did you say anthing to Management or did you just let it go. Chances are, you let it go as only 39% of people speak up.

Why is that? Most people do take safety seriously and most all SAY they would say something....but when it happens....they don't. Why?

Many subjects flash past ones mind in that split second of deciding to speak up or not. Some of those subjects are:

Do you have the authority.

Will you get in trouble.

You don't want to be perceived wrong.

Your 'immediate context' is wrong.

Personal or unit bias.

Production pressure...and it goes from there.

How can YOU help when the real issue is at hand?

1. You can be aware of the biases which exist within your specific company and openly discuss them

with everyone. This can help alleviate pressures to remain quiet...even to someones detriment.

2. Make sure you provide an environment where people can speak up without retribution.

3. Make sure when someone does speak is received in a manner of openness and not

defensiveness. An example being.....Thanks for brining that to our attention....Thanks for

watching my back...etc.

You can read the full article HERE.

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