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I Told You So! Work Comp Fraud Failure!

How many times have I brought up the subject of California needing to provided better services for discovering/proving/following up FRAUD in our Workers Compensation system? 2 times? 300 times?

Well I can claim anything I want because the chances one will follow it up to fact check me.

The newest report provides information which unveils that 40% of the time someone is even bringing FRAUD to the table, our wonderful system isn't even pursuing it doesn't have the resources to follow it up and help save us all some Gs. But let's take that a step further.....the article states the CDI has the resources to follow up on only 5% of the FRAUD claims turned in!!!! WHAT??!!!

Why is that? Well, the article states the CDI isn't paying the salary that seasoned investigators will be offered from other businesses....roughly 17% less. Additionally, the latest audit revealed the CDI didn't spend the required 10% of its alotted $24Million on anti-fraud pursuits.....remember, this is money you and I pay to get the results we need.....but aren't getting.

Again, this is another great example of no one holding feet to the fire in our systems of things in California. Are there going to be repercussions? would an agency discipline something that is already broken? They will throw more money at it and hope it gets better.

Read the full article HERE.

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