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Forklift Reality....

One of the realities you must face is ...Everyone who drives a forklift must be Authorized and Certified.

There is a specific process required for each driver to become authorized and certified. What does that mean? Well, your supervisor might authorize you to use the forklift because you have prior training. That doesn't certify that you CAN use the forklift. As a driver, you MUST be certified by an authorized person that you have been properly trained on the proper use of the piece of equipment.

So, like many other businesses, your company ignores the requirements as it seems stupid and it will take time from productivity to train all of the drivers. Well, here is part of what can happen.

There is a man who was injured while operating a company forklift. He is now asking for $1M as a result of being injured using a forklift. He basically slipped and fell out of a forklift injuring his head and breaking an arm. You can read the whole article HERE.

My suggestion is properly train all of your employees who drive your forklifts and get them certified. Remember, if you have more than one location with forklifts, all drivers must be certified for each location if they are driving the forklift in both locations.

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