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Work Comp Fraud in Ohio...I am jealous!

Here we go again. You know how I feel about the (ahem) job California does with Work Comp fraud.

It is simply amazing to me how our state can let the simplest of fraud detection areas go without enforcing it. Remember that last article? CDI states it only has the resources to pursue about 5% of fraud cases.....leaving 95% on the table....and those are only the claims being "turned in" as fraud...what about the ones which people or companies don't say anything?

Well...thank God for Ohio and its process. Fox 8 News provides a video and article of a gent who was trying to defraud the system and got caught on video. What did the City of Clevelend give him? 5 years in prison.

Do you think if we had such an aggressive policy, some of our fraud might diminish somewhat? Me too.... With closing out at least a portion of the other 95% in some way, there is money to be saved......whose money? Yours and mine.

See the article and video HERE.

If you have any cases that upset you.....just let us know at

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