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What Makes Us Different?

So many people tend to take things at face value and not give the proper due dilligence to correctly justify making decisions off of that initital assessment.

Our company is the recipient of that type of pattern behavior.

So many people view us as jsut another insurance company. You know, autos, home, motorcycles, etc. Delaney Insurance is so much more than that perception.

1. We do provide those coverages but they are not our emphasis.

2. We do specialize in Business and Health Insurance for ALL types of businesses.

3. By providing excellence in Business & Health Insurance, we offer the other coverages

to help our customers keep things simple by having All their insurance needs met in

one office.

4. Besides having a wonderful support staff of highly trained and licensed individuals,

we also have an In House OSHA Certified Trainer and our Health & Benefits Sr. V.P.

also helps protect your business and interests by going to Sacramento & Washington

D. C. every year. She meets with our representatives to discuss issues directly

relating to YOU and your business in SoCal.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we are different. There are as many reasons as well as to why your business is different.....some being the same. I have attached some key information, which can help YOUR business, through us being different. Feel free to read why HERE.

If you have any questions or any needs, just contact us at 909-481-7223 or email us at We Will Help

Just for some fun....Click on the picture to access the game of Differences. Can you spot all of them?

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