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Two Workers Killed By Falling Countertop Slabs in New York

June 27, 2018, edited by Glenn Salter

Yes, death can happen in an instant. Your whole life can change so quickly it is beyond physics. How can

someone be there....then they are gone?

When addressing accidents at work, typically, they result from a lack of proper monitoring. What does that mean? Well, someone is observing you do what ever it is that puts you into harms way .... and they aren't say anything....including your foreman or shift manager.

We don't know all the answers yet, but the impact is still felt......and NOW they are working with the Safety people.....Wouldn't it have been nice to be working with them BEFORE an accident happened? Odds are, the accident wouldn't have ocurred in the first place.

Two workers have been killed by 800-pound slabs of countertop material that fell on them while being unloaded from a trailer in New York.

The Niagara County sheriff’s office in New York says it appears 11 slabs of Corian-brand material collapsed on the workers about 1:30 a.m. Monday at the XPO Logistics facility in Lockport, near Buffalo.

Pronounced dead at the scene were 38-year-old Christopher Klosin, of Barker, and 62-year-old Roger Mangine, of Newfane.

A statement from XPO Logistics, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, expressed sympathy to the victims’ families and co-workers. The company says it’s working with its safety team and local law enforcement to understand the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Corian is a man-made solid material produced by DuPont.

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