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Reduce Your Commercial Auto Claims

Everyone is acutely aware of the costs of Commercial Auto coverage in good ole' CA. It can debilitating to profits. Especially if your company doesn't have that good of driving record.

Don't fret, all those nasty strikes against you can be changed and we are here to help you achieve the best record you can get. Here are some steps which can help!

1. Contact our Safety Division (Compliance & Safety First) to help analyze YOUR specific automotive trends. (It doesn't cost you a cent.) We can sit with you in YOUR office to review and discuss what is uncovered and help you with some good actions to take.

Good risk management is the first step in lowering your Commercial Auto Claims. Analyze your specific company trends for accidents (both at fault and fault of others) including near misses. Look at the past accidents and what was the 'real' cause of the accident or near miss. Be honest. It is one thing to say the person in front of you slammed on their brakes and you rear ended them because you couldn't stop quick enough.....YOU were following too close!

Here we go! There has also been an increase of 26% in distracted drving including cell phone use. You can't fool us, only use the cell phone while driving. Were you aware as a business owner, YOU can be held liable for the actions of your employees while they are driving your company owned, rented or their own vehicles for company business?

To help address this issue, Delaney Insurance, Compliance & Safety First and Travelers has teamed together to specifically address a Cell Phone Useage Policy for your company to review, ammend and adopt.

Take a look at a very good Cell Phone Useage Policy template HERE!

Call Compliance & Safety First at 909-481-7223.

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