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OSHA and Your IIPP

Typically, the word OSHA strikes fear into the hearts of all business owners. Why? Because OSHA can and will bring fines, penalties and also has the ability to shut your business down right then and there.

I am here to let you know although that has happened to some businesses, it doesn't have to happen to you and that OSHA can be YOUR incredible partner in safety, compliance and recognition.

I am an OSHA Authorized Trainer for the General Industry and the Commercial Industry. This means I have (presumably) the working knowledge (or access to it) to 'see, hear and train' the standards of which OSHA hold ALL responsible. As I see it, the proper application of OSHA's rules in your business will actually protect YOU and your business FROM OSHA as well as help protect you and your employees from potential loss.

This is how "I" approach the rules and how they apply to you. I help to make sure you have everything in place as OSHA defines it must be to avoid fines, penalties, and forced closures. To help keep this as short as possible.....the first thing OSHA will do when they are auditing your....they will introduce themselves, show you their documentation, sit you down and discuss why they are there. Now, once this has started, they will be asking for the proper documents which are required by law. One of the first documents they will ask for is your IIPP Manual. ( Injury & Illness Prevention Program.) Every IIPP Manual consists of the 8 parts which are shown and must be personalized to your company, i.e. what person is in charge of that element of the manaul. Below, I have attached a list which should help you assess if your IIPP Manual is up to the required standards.

If you need any help at all on any of this, just give me a call or email me at Compliance and Safety First and I WILL HELP! Email: or 909-481-7223.

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