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Hero's PTSD

We are all aware of the First Responders duties and roles in our society. While most of us are running away from harmful situations, the First Responders are heading directly into the source of the situation. Many times, those same people are coming under fire or protest or who knows what anymore.

How do they do! Lots and lots of training to put the current objective for safety and rescue AHEAD of their own protection. More than anybody, they know exactly what is up against them in most situations and they are willing to accept that risk to help those which need it.

One of the aspects of which we forget about.....what happens after the situation is over? Everyone is safe or recovering and rescued by these brave men and women. But whatever that siutation is, can take its toll upon even the most ardently trained people. Many of the symptoms are the same as those encountered by our Veterans coming back from a warzone....remembering those Vets are also first responders.

I have attached a link to a very valuable publication which addresses these concerns, valuable information on claims, treatments and more. Please check it could save the life of someone who saves a life.

If YOU need any help at all on Safety or Compliance, just contact me .....



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