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OSHA From Foe to Ally

Compliance and Safety First has partnered with the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Board to present a Free Seminar.

From Foe to Ally is a presentation on OSHA and how our perceptions of them is somewhat skewed to the negative.

OSHA doesn't have to be the enemy of your business. That choice is up to you. One thing OSHA will do is enforce the letter of the law concerning safety. You can either understand OSHA and make it work for you or keep buttting your head against the mechanism that is OSHA. That is why we are presenting the following information during the presentation:


A. A short history

B. Fed OSHA vs. CalOSHA

How Does OSHA Work?

A. Their processes & procedures

OSHA has Limited Power

A. Your Rights

B. What you should know

Audits - Friend or Foe

A. What to Expect

B. Truth and Lies

Appealing an Audit

A. Disputing and beating an Audit

If this all sounds appealing to you and your business...and the word Free is the right price, be sure to register immediately and have your place saved. You can do so at:

If you need ANY Safety or Compliance clarifications or services, just let me know....I WILL HELP!
Glenn Salter
OSHA Authorized Trainer for Construction and General Industry
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