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Time as a Safety Instructor

You already know where I am going on this one!

As a Certified/Authorized Safety Instructor/Teacher with many organizations including OSHA, I have met with many varying circumstances along the way.

There have been classes, organizations, companies and people who have made it obvious that they know all there is to know about Safety and they don't want to hear anything else. No matter what you are bringing to the table, they let it be known they would rather be somewhere else doing anything else.

That's ok! I feel the same way. If I have a class like those mentioned above, it is my job to change the paradigm of the situation. It is my job to help them become engaged, to take just one thing home with them which might change their whole world one day.

No one every guaranteed teaching would or even should be easy! Matter of fact, the more you get into Safety, the more you realize just how little IS known.

So let's all just get on with it and have an open mind. Not about what you know, but what you don't know. I always consider "What have i learned" from ANY class I attend. Sometimes I learned what NOT to do as well as what to do. Case in point.....there is no room for monotone when public speaking. What a tragedy and huge strain on concentration. But what a valuable lesson to learn about what NOT to do....and so many instructors do just that. The others don't even try to make it "real world". I mean, they just spout off the list on their powerpoint and don't back up any points with actual scenarios.....last time I remember, I can read.....I don't need you for that.

So to all the instructors out there, yes, even me....keep it real world and entertaining as well as learnable. I will always try to reach those goals while helping to protect you, your business and your safety.

If you need any Safety or Compliance issues help, just contact me......I WILL HELP!

Glenn Salter

V. P. Compliance & Safety First


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