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Fines of $12M to CA subcontractor

So you think OSHA and the Department of Labor won't find out what you are doing eh? You think it is ok to not pay those overtime wages exactly like you should.....we always work through lunch....we don't provide breaks if you want to work here......bring your own water if you want to drink.....go against the safety rules and get the job done. You think this is they way we have done it in the past and if you don't like it....find another subcontractor to work for.

Well, this tactic is working less and less these days. Why? More employees are understanding their rights in the CA workplace and are filing complaints against their employers. Granted, I have been there...there are bogus claims. But when a company gets 'caught' is almost a door you want that.

Here is one the latest companies which got 'caught' to the tune of $12M. You can read it directly from the Department of Labor News Release CLIK HERE.

Additionally, if you would like to get some help from us I WILL HELP! We are OSHA Authorized to help you understand exactly the rules which must be followed and we can discuss YOUR situation and what tactic might be best for you to follow concerning your business, its proper compliance and its profitability.

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