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Compliance & Safety First has been here quite awhile now providing Safety & Compliance information which is designed to help you avoid penalties and fines from OSHA and other regulatory organizations.

As such, we want you to know WE are here for YOU and your business! WE WILL HELP! I don't care if you are our current client or not our client at all. WE WILL HELP!

Our desire and goal is the same as yours....we want every employee to go home safely every night. We want you and your business to retain as much profit as possible. This makes it easier to move forward in your organization.

Our company is OSHA Authorized to Train in General Industry and the Construction Industry. We can provide the 10 or 30 your classes you need for your contract requirements. We can provide Active Shooter Training (Workplace Violence Training). We can Train your company in CPR/AED/First Aid. We can provide Sexual Harassment Training (required by law) Forklift Training, Pre-OSHA Inspections, OSHA Citation Relief, Onsite Construction Inspections ....our list goes on and help YOU!

Give us a call or an email with ANY of your Safety or Compliance questions, concerns or real life situations.....WE WILL HELP!

Glenn@ComplianceandSafetyFirst com


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