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California Fines Aircraft Engine Manufacturer Following Worker Injury

California OSHA issued eight citations and $52,705 in penalties to Hanwha L&C USA, LLC, after a forklift crushed a worker’s foot. Inspectors concluded that the company failed to train and evaluate workers on operating a forklift, ensure proper use of safety shoes, develop precautions for the handling of stone slabs, and provide training to workers on how to avoid crushing hazards.

Were you aware anyone who is driving your forklifts must be authorized and certified for your location(s). I meant locations in that you must be certified for EACH building in which you are using the forklifts. 2 buildings on one property, you must be certified for each building.

Who provides the certification? A qualified person. Who is a qualified person? You see how it gets deeper and deeper in all the OSHA situations. How about we make it simple. When we train your crews in forklift certification we make your main supervisor/driver experienced person the Certified Trainer so anyone else you hire, HE/SHE can qualify and certifiy those employees. No more hiring of outside companies to pay for the training.

For more information, you can visit OSHA’s powered industrial trucks safety and health topics webpage and/or you can contact me with any questions or concerns you may have on the subject......always at no cost to you. I WILL HELP!


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