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How to Deal with an OSHA Inspection

Every business has the potential of being inspected by OSHA. Some businesses are more likely to be visited than others. Which ones? If you are considered a High Hazard Industry, you bet you are on their list. If you have had a complaint filed against your business, you will be inspected. If your ExMod is above 1.25, you are on their list. If your business is on their "Target List", you will be inspected.
If an inspection happens to is a simple checklist you should review and use to make it easier on you....

OSHA inspection checklist — Dos and Don’ts

Ask to see the inspector’s credentials

Let the inspector in unless there is a good reason not to! (Employers do have a right to request a warrant, but it’s fairly easy for OSHA to get a warrant)

Get senior management and legal involved — particularly in fatality/catastrophe investigations

Ask for time before the inspection to contact management/legal personnel — OSHA will usually give you up to one hour

Be polite, but formal

Listen for clues as to why OSHA is there, e.g., complaint or emphasis program

If it is a catastrophe/fatality investigation, be very cautious of admitting fault

Ask what the inspector will focus on

Ask how long to expect the inspection to take

Produce required records

Don’t volunteer records (unless you think it will benefit you)

Don’t let the inspector wander unsupervised

Don’t interfere with employee interviews (You can ask for time to get a replacement worker if production demands necessitate it.)

Take your own photos — from multiple angles

Don’t admit to violations

Do correct hazardous conditions as soon as possible

Listen carefully during the closing conference — you’ll get a feel for violations

Instruct on where and to whom citations should be sent (they will be mailed to the company via certified letter)

If you contest, do so with a registered letter

If you plan to contest, know that you only have 15 working days to do so

Request an informal conference with the OSHA local area office director — you can often get penalties reduced.

I help protect businesses everyday from OSHA but also against incurring addtional losses.....We want everyone to go home safely everynight. Remember, you can always call or email me and I WILL HELP!


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