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Cyber Training on Passwords and Eye Strain

We have all become very aware of Cyber Pirating and Hijacking of information. Super large companies have been held hostage by information bandits. The largest in history was with would think they would have HUGE cyber protection systems. Well, they are paying restitution of $425 MILLION to those impacted by the data breach.

FYI, just in case you were a part of the data breach is the link for you to pursue and claims against Equifax for any damage which might have been caused to you ( the 147 Million other people) or your business by using their services:

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos to help you and your business to approach your passwords in a thoughtful manner and to protect your eyesight against eye fatigue.


This is a short video on how to approach and protect your passwords for your important sites ( which are all of them ).

This is a short video on how to reduce the eye strain you may be encountering while using your computer. It is simple, but proven effective.

If you have any Safety or Compliance needs, be sure to contact me.....I WILL HELP!

You can contact me at:



Compliance and Safety First is:

OSHA Authorized for Training in the General Industry and the Construction Industry.

AHA Certified for CPR/AED/First Aid

L&D/P&C Licensed for 30 years

Workers Compensation Oversight and Management

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