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Risk Assessment

Ok, we all use checklists to make things easier on us or to help 'train' others in what to look for in typical situations. In Risk Assessment, I believe checklists are important, but too many people focus on the list, getting through it, checking it all off and feeling good, thinking they have done a great job.

Not true my friend.

By using a checklist, you have just myopically focused your eyes on the contents of the list and getting throug a process. What about any 'dangers or exposures' which aren't on the list? How will you account for them if you aren't even looking for them? What about the 'purpose' of the provide a more safe environment?

Here are ten quick considerations to review in making/utilizing checklists your company may use: 1. Checklists should be made ‘fit’ for humans not humans ‘fit’ for checklists. 2. Checklists are not an end in themselves, rather just another help for humans. 3. The love of checklists often generates more checklists. 4. A checklist without refection, thinking and conversation is pretty useless. 5. Checklists neither manage people or behaviour. 6. Checklist fatigue is the generator of ‘tick and flick’. 7. The solution to a failed checklist is not another checklist of the checklist. 8. Desensitization to checklists is a human condition. 9. For every checklist there is an equal and opposite by-product. 10. The ‘sunk cost’ for a checklist means it becomes enshrined as an immovable religious document.

"I would like to give credit, and advocate Dr. Robert Long of Human Dymensions in Australia for his inspiration and excellent work in the subject of Risk. This checklist, and thought process, is a direct result of his extensive work and perspective."

If you or your company would like additional information on Safety or Compliance, just contact me anytime...even to just discuss....I WILL HELP!


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