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How to Create Your Own Safety & Health Program

Does your workplace lack a safety and health program? If you’re looking to create one, Compliance & Safety First and OSHA offers 10 tips to get you going.

Compliance & Safety First is an OSHA Authorized Trainer for General Industry and Construction Industry. We utilize our special skills to help your company increase your profits and help meet the program requirements as laid out by OSHA. We can help you avoid OSHA penalities and fines as well as assist in lowering your Experience Modification so you can keep more of your hard earned profits.

  1. Safety and health should be a core value. Help your employees to understand that having them go home safely each night is the way you do business. Their well being is your top concern, and make it clear that any hazards will be taken seriously and addressed properly.

  2. Speak daily to your employees and organization to demonstrate you care about their safety by making safety part of the company's daily interactions.

  3. Create a simple reporting system workers can use to report injuries, illnesses or incidents, EVEN near misses. Make it extremely clear employees won’t be retaliated against, so include an option to make the process anonymous.

  4. Educate employees on their particpation on identifying and controlling potential hazards.

  5. Conduct regular inspections with employees, and ask them to help identify issues that concern them, specifically in their area of expertise, regarding safety.

  6. Help employees to become part of the safety process by asking them for hazard control ideas. “Provide them time during work hours, if necessary, to research solutions,” OSHA advises. Help them to become part of the answer as well as part of the discovery.

  7. Have employees choose, implement and evaluate hazard control solutions based off of meeting the requirements and the specific concerns of their work areas.

  8. Effectively communicate foreseeable emergency situations that may arise, and have a plan in place on how to handle them. Display procedure signs in visible areas of the workplace.

  9. Before making significant changes, consult with employees about potential safety and health issues. Their input could bring a reality to the situation of which you had not considered.

  10. Aim for continual improvement. “Include discussions on safety and health in your regularly held meetings, with the goal of identifying ways to improve the program,” OSHA recommend.

If you need ANY help at all, just contact Compliance and Safety First.... WE WILL HELP!


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