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Free Fans for Senior San Bernardiino

The heat is rising pretty quickly and this could cause an issue with many households. The high heat might cause extra stress on the elderly who are on a fixed income and cannot utilize their Air Conditioners due to costs.

Well, the County has provided some respite with their latest offering to those 65 and over. Here is the exact article published today:

With temperatures nearing 100 degrees and our County Cooling Centers closed due to coronavirus restrictions, the Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) is pleased to share that approximately 150 purchased and donated box fans are available for eligible seniors in San Bernardino County.

Seniors can call the Adult Protective Services hotline at (877) 565-2020 where they will be assessed for this and other needs. There are specific age requirements for services: individuals must be 65 and older, or 18-65 dependent adults and at risk for severe neglect or abuse. Callers to 211 will be directed to this program.

IF you have any questions or need some help, just contact us at 909-481-7222 or email us at:

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