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What You Must Know in Re-Opening

For everyone reopening........OSHA has a few guidelines of which YOU and your business must be aware....even if you have only one employee.

OSHA has required that you have a written program ( if 10 employees or more) on how you and your business is 'going back to work'. What do you have in place to protect your employees on the Covid issue?

OSHA has also stated they will be 'auditing' businesses

( citations with fines) for non compliance of this requirement. Why? Because the Covid issue has been determined as a "hazard" in the workplace and it is the law that the employer provide a workplace free from hazards.

If you have any questions, just email me or call and I will help! We remained open during the Covid-19 issue to be here to help all those who needed it and we got a huge response.....and we didn't charge a penny! WE WILL HELP!


626-487-9219 to text

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