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Returning to Work Plan

Well, finally,.....official permission has been given to re-open your business......sort of. So what do you need to know and what is expected of you. You didn't think it was just going to be that easy did you? OSHA will be looking at your business to see if you have met their new Covid standards. Your employees will be wondering what is different and should they be concerned. Your exposure is still real......

Compliance and Safety First and Delaney Insurance are here to try to make all of this as easy for you as possible......I mean, you really are in business because you really like what you do, make good money at it, and need a way to make a good living.....hopefully, your job fulfills all three.

One of the requirements for re-opening is to have a plan in place of how you are re-opening with Covid-19 still around. I have attached a Sample Return to Work template for you to review and see if it is a good plan for you to adapt/modify to your own business. Remember, any plan you have must be specific to your company, be effectively communicated ( hold a safety meeting/training with everyone signing on a roster) and monitored ( make sure you enforce it), not just some paperwork you have filed.

If you have any issues, just give us a call or email at 909-481-7222 and ask for Glenn or Sample Return to Work Action Plan HERE

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