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Coming After YOUR Business

At Compliance & Safety First, we do not deal with any politics on the Covid issues. We address the laws and compliance issues alone to help protect your business against fines and penalties. We also provided our Covid 19 Hotline for those people who needed a place to go to better understand who, what, where, and why to handle their concerns and fears. We have successfully helped over 100 people and counting. I would like to thank everyone who contacted us looking for that type of help. We keep YOU first.

As such, I wanted to let you know our Governor, Gavin Newsome, has instituted some new laws which target YOUR business concerning YOUR 'mandatory' compliance to Covid enforcement.

Here is what Governor Newsome issued,

"Earlier this month, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the creation of Strike Teams comprising 10 state agencies working in conjunction with local officials. The Strike Teams, which are focusing on businesses that continue to defy safety mandates, include such agencies as the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the California Highway Patrol. The Education, Engagement & Enforcement Plan was established to support these Strike Teams. “Our primary emphasis is on educating high-risk businesses about the critical need to comply with these directives, while offering guidance to assist them in these efforts,” Hagman said. “That includes engaging with business owners to make sure they’re aware of the resources we’ve made available. We prefer to avoid punitive actions but will have no other choice if businesses continue to disregard public health ordinances.”

You can also refer to the OSHA Statewide Guideance on Covid 19 Site to review their input on Covid.

Make sure you and your business are compliant with all the new guidelines and have your Return to Work Program in place to avoid those possible penalties and fines. If you have any questions at all or need any input, just get in contact with us........I WILL HELP!

Glenn Salter - OSHA Authorized Trainer


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