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Safe & Sound at Compliance & Safety First

Compliance and Safety First is again, proud to be a part of OSHA's Safe & Sound Week beginning Aug 10 - 16.

Be sure to checkin with us at 10am on Wed, Aug. 12th to attend our webinar.

We will be helping your business to understand what is expected and required to avoid penalties & fines from regulatory companies including the new Covid Requirements.

Yes, there are programs you must have in place addressing Covid otherwise, you are opening yourself up to retribution from those same regulatory companies.

We will look a bit into depth concerning your IIPP Manual and the other programs which must be in place for your size company. We will also look at the new Covid Response Team and Re-Opening guidelines which must be in place as well.

We will go live at 10am and the program will last for an hour or so. We will cover as much as we can during that time, but rest assured, any and all questions or concerns will be addressed for each person, no matter how much time it takes. I WILL HELP!

Feel free to contact me anytime at:


or email me directly at:

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