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Employee Return to Work During Covid 19

During this stressfull time enduring all the implications and frustrations of dealing with Covid 19, we must address another issues which seems to be arising.

That issue is with Employees and returning to work. All of us have been encountering the unknown, new 'laws' which have been put into effect which just don't make sense and lastly, the FEAR which is being blown out of proportion.

Most families with students also had to deal with children who 'couldn't" go to school. Add onto that the financial hardship encountered in dealing with what was once a stable society and everyone is dealing with reactions which are blown out of proportion or just seem to arise out of nowhere......very unpredictable indeed.

Either way, it might be best if your company has an Employee Assistance Program in place to help address these and more issues with returning to work Covid19 employees. Below, I have attached the explanation of how a program would work and how it could help your business.

If you have any questions or and Safety or Compliance issues, just give us a call or email to:

Glenn Salter at:,

or Phone at: 909-481-7222

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