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Hot Stuff - How to Handle!

We all are having to deal with the HEAT. One way or another, we all have to deal with it. Whether we are at work in it or just performing the tasks around the house, we all must be aware of just how deadly ignoring the symptoms can be.

In an article from Safety and Health Magazine, July 26, 2020, some of the stats reported are:

"Heat related illnesses accounted for 783 worker deaths and nearly 70,000 serious injuries in the U.S from 1992 -2016. In 2018 alone, 3,950 workers experienced days away from work as a result of nonfatal injuries and illnesses from on the job heat exposure."

Part of your job as an employer is to provide a safe working environment....and heat illness and injury is definitely a hazard.

What does this mean to you and your business? It means you need to understand, comprehend and teach the proper info to your employees or face what could be some serious repercussions. You can start by reviewing the OSHA Heat Training Guide This can be the first steop in putting in place your new Heat Illness Prevention Plan (HIPP). I am sure, you don't want ot be facing fines/penalties/citations from OSHA. Since Heat exposure is considered a hazard, you must put your plan into place, train everyone on it, document that you provided the training and make sure you enforce it. If you don't provide each step, you WILL be fined by OSHA and you certainly don't want your employees to be hurt.

Injured employees are costing you more than you think. Sure there are medical costs, but there is also time away from work. What about lost production? Did you handle it all correctly to avoid the hurt employee from resorting to a lawyer? Did you have to hire someone in the meantime? Did you get the injured employee back to work as soon as possible to keep the injury costs down? There is still much more which needs to be counted when assessing true costs. Much less, we want every employee to go home safe every night to their families and come back again raring to go.

I have attached another article on the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke for your reference. HERE.

Also, if you just need help on putting your HIPP together, give me a ring or an email. I WILL HELP!

Glenn Salter

OSHA Authorized Trainer

General Industry/Construction Industry Tel: 909-481-7222

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